Misunderstood(„Neînțeleși” traducere Ro-En) - Alina Drăgan
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    vineri, 05 iulie 2019

As misunderstood beings, we
And unreasonably cling
On the world,
Only to end up
Falling apart a
Little more...
We feel misunderstood and
We make up masks to
Talk to in our
Lonley moments,
When music
Flows through us
Silently and
As misunderstood
We would rather stop
And stare at our
Reflection in
A mirror...
Or just turn our back to
A dear memory which
Was taken from
Us too quickly...
As misunderstood beings,
We chase shadows on
Fade walls that
Capture our imagination,
Our tears and our
Happiness that head towards
The riverbed of
A smile...
As misunderstood fellows,
We defy the Time in which
We are as still as ever
In our upside-down faits...
And who knows
How many untold things
The strings of violins
Tell us in ever forgotten

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