QUEEN OF THE NATURE AND HER CHILDREN - Artangel, translated into English by Dragoş Barbu
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    miercuri, 13 iulie 2016



translated into English by Dragoş Barbu


Little angel, my wing bearer
Come to me and guard me, too
A small cluster, this white flower
Here I have, my gift for you!

If I run and fall, someday
Please come over, in your flight
When mum ticks me and she’s right
Protect me, that’s not my way!


Bushy-tailed, looks as a cake,
And she is not afraid of the snake
In the trees she likes to play,
And her fun is thick as hay.

Spending life inside a pit
Hazelnuts she likes to eat.
Jumping high, from branch to branch
Searches for a meal to crunch.


Is he red and very clever?
Everybody knows, however!
Always loves to grab a hen…
Neighbors, catch him if you can!

His path is not hard to know,
Oval footprints in the snow,
In the forest, here and there
In the hencoop, anywhere.


In the pack since he was a child
He is the ruler of the wild!
On the hunt he takes no sore
Herds are not safe anymore!

No matter how high the snow
Or how tough the wind will blow
He can keep his steady pace
Tracking roebucks in his race.


Hair clusters on the ears
On the cheek, some spots as tears
He knows best to hunt a cow
He is attacking from above.

Softly stalking to his way
On the trunks he likes to stay
The weak deer is his prey
He jumps to the neck and slay.


In the woods she is a girl
She is pretty like a doll
To her paws the birds will fall
And she loves to chase them all.

Claws are looking like a thorn
And her colours, black and brown
She’s not tawny, you can see
With the woods in harmony.


He’s a whirl of feathers
King of the dizzines
In his dance he always trusts
He can’t feel some, nor he must.

When he strives to play the lower,
It’s not easy to recover
Looking for the perfect match
He is to become a catch.


She’s the beauty in the brush…
And she flee when you say “hush!”
She does not like to be seen
When the leafs and branch are green!

Hazelnuts, her medicine,
When the bark is nice and thin!
But she likes to eat the seeds
In the moor, behind the reeds!


Yellow beak, the feather dark
Always running down park
It is all about her moods
To stay or not in the woods!

It’s not hard to recognize
Jumping all the way is nice
When the grass is short and green
It’s so easy to be seen!


When you awake in the morning
You can hear the cuckoo’s calling
It might make your mood okay
It’s a fine start for a day.

Cuckoo never needs a nest
For him, this way is the best
Does this house belong to him?
Who cares, this is nothin’!


Well, his beauty is quite rare
But he always knows to share
It’s the woods he likes the most
And he doesn’t stand the frost.

His wife is a smaller hen
With a thinner tail of wren
But the rooster’s one is large
To show us who is in charge!


When you see the stork is here
You must bet the spring is near
If she is coming from the bog
All her offsprings have a frog.

And she is teaching them to fly
‘Cause she can’t afford to lie:
“When autumn is about to be
To the hotlands we must flee!”


All her tail is a ring
And she doesn’t miss a thing
Every bird is loosing a feather
To her paws, not to the weather.

In the forest, every day
Many hours she can stay
And she knows best how to stalk
Through the snow, when mice can walk.


Her tail looks like a prong
But her flight is never wrong
She is small, a little black,
What a great wing on the trek!

She flies lower in the storm
When her sons are newly born
She’s a wonder, let her stay
And please never chase away!


We see her in the park
Behind fences, eating stark
She is goodlooking in the flight
We can hear her day and night.

Pretty, sitting on a branch
Protect her, don’t let ‘em punch.
If you can’t come with a bounty
She flies to some other county.


Our master of the wild
Eating berries, is a child.
Woods are not a place to weep
In the winter he might sleep.

He loves beechnut and you know,
He’s got slumber with first snow!
If you see him, make some noise,
And he clears your trail, my boys!


It’s the bold tree, bearing toys
For the girls and for the boys
Timber is a place to be
Climbing hills, nice view we’ll see!


White barks covering a trunk
It’s a nice tree, not a junk
Coming from the ground at once
Slim boughs in the wind. A dance…


Seeing that big tree in bloom
It’s a bliss and it’s a doom.
Picking its nuts, I’m okay,
I say: “God, I love my way!”


These small berries look as meat,
If I’m lucky I can eat.
Pouring sugar as a stream
In the forest, what a dream!


What a fragrance can it be!
What a beauty, this small tree!
If you choose to harvest berries,
You must see they’re big as cherries!


With big red spots on his body,
But don’t bother, he’s a rowdy,
He loves just the clearest water
Mountain-like, oxigenated…


Do not touch them if you see
‘Cause in trouble you will be
They have poison, be afraid,
Otherwise you’ll be in pain!


If you see him, hurry up,
He’s got danger in his “sap”!
He is twisted and asleep,
Touch him, and you’ll have to weep!


She’s beautiful as a doll
She’s not coming to a call
Stretch your hand and she will lay
Blow on her…she flies away…


Handsome petals, like a bride
All the flowers dressed in white
It’s a story for us all
It is nice, and it grows tall.


It is beautiful, I hear
But it’s like wolfsbane, take care
Don’t you touch it on the way
Or your mother, sad will stay…


It is coming from the snow
In this spring without a crow
For a mother is a gift
It’s your struggle, be a thief…


Once upon a time, there lived a queen of the nature with a tremendous beauty, some said. All angels were around her. Her voice was softly and her look was charming as a mother shall show her warmth to her children.
All the flowers of the world, plants and animals were her children. But, due to the humans who destroy the flowers, she suffered much above words.
People just couldn’t understand how hot her soul was.
And she decided to put the humans to a test. Those ones who could stretch their hands right above the flowers and feel a nice soft breeze would talk to them due of the resonance, through some unseen strains that are not to be understood by the human mind.
But she came across a thing. The little kids, through their spirit they could feel that cool breeze and they were closer to her heart. Then she asked all the kids on earth to put their hand above the most beautiful flower they can find and wait to feel the soft breeze that touches their palms.
She understood that the kids, that felt something were good kids, angel-like. They always used to follow their parents’ rules.
They used to speak very nice to all the neighbours and they loved their mothers very much. They did not want to disturb them, not even in a million years.
Mothers of all these angels were so happy with their kids’ kindness so their hearts were purely springs of true love fo all the people.
The beautiful queen helped, together with her group of angels all these gentle mothers and their nice kids. She fullfilled all their wishes if they prayed with all their hearts to her.
When they saw their wishes come true, these kids have become clean and good.
Their faces came to be full of light, and their eyes were peaceful, with pupils increasing with happiness.
At some moment they felt they are caught with an unbelievable bliss. They bathed into their own spiritual beauty and, the more good they became, they learnt to be better persons, not to bother their parents with their fancy wishes, not to push them to buy useless toys, so that inner beauty made them feel purely overwhelmed with it.
Their desires were to see flowers, to walk in nature, because the people around were evil. The good queen said that people will fight all the time for money and lands, for power, therefore they came to his world as childs, with their fist hardly quenched and left it with empty palms, leaving all their own goods here.
The kids have seen that the good queen is right and they they start to explain to the elders that they are dizzy and almost lost and their ways are not closer to happiness or to the Good Lord.
The kids went to the mothers who did not understood those things and asked the respectively not to shout to their little angels anymore but to speak nicely to them, even when they are tired and nervous, because these children are the light of their souls.
The beautiful queen of the nature told them that when a parent holds a stick in the hands to beat the kid, that parent forgets that only one of his/her fingers is pointed to the kid, the others are pointed to his/her person.
The faithful kid start dreaming about the good queen and her nice words. They thought she is a beloved mother.
Wherever the queen of nature walked, beneath her footsteps thousands of flowers used to grow, beautiful and full of fragrance and they brought happiness all over around.
When the kids woke up they got the message that they must be more good, they must speak very nice to all the neighbours; they have seen that all the humans are equal to each other, they all have two hands and legs, the difference is in how much educated they are.
They have also seen that if two hearts share love, they can’t shout to each other because they are close. They use whisper to tell what they do and merely they do not speak at all. If two persons are arguing for something, they are not closer anymore.
The queen told them that if they are taking care of a flower, with love, it grows much higher and more beautiful.
That’s because as everyone in the nature, people have water inside every cell.
If you are nice with the water, its cell turns in a better form of cell. It becomes extraordinary indeed.
If you shout to it or make it listen an unpleasant msic, the water cell turns into something ugly.
As the water runs across the body of plants, animals and humans, the message of positive thought and joy’s and love’s, too, is paying forward.
They taught kids that the humans are rising from the apes and they are the next in the line of lifeforms.
The good queen of nature has taught the kids to live peacefully, due to the ephemeral things that appear and disappear in a lifetime; the goodness of a soul goes deep inside every human.
The evil’s burden is dragging every human down to the lowest places of the earth.
Kids knew that if they are good, they are like a mirror. If someone is kind in speaking to them, the kindness is right on the person who talks to them. If someone wants to harm them, they stay safe because they know they are as clean as a mirror and the evil power will rebound right back to where it belongs.
The kids just couldn’t thank enough to the queen of nature for all the lessons she had taught to them.
They came to understand that they must love and guard all the flowers, because they are all small parts of the queen of the nature’s body. And there’s plenty of wonderful flowers on this planet!


From the nectar of your words
I enjoy the spell of a divine glow.
Picking up the lyric’s swords,
To Eminescu, The Mighty Evening Star,
I take my bow!

Hearts in love with lines and strings
Tuft of beams in Universe
Getting high in thoughts like springs
Landing on the peak of verse.

You, a saint of the Romanian voice,
Herald of poems in your flight
Through love, the hearts still have a choice,
Flowers and angels head to light!


Play the strings, my dear child
Songs of pearls in the wild
Let me bathe into your sight,
Innocent and full of light.

When the night falls as a snare
Can you feel they really care
If you’re happy with the moon,
If you seek your love and gloom?

May the ghost of common life
Never put your soul to strife
May your path be clean and straight
And God bless your day and night!

In your life be good, my child,
Like a flower, nice and mild
Put the softness in your touch,
Seconds just can’t last too much…


Little angel, my wing bearer
Come to me and guard me, too
A small cluster, this white flower
Here I have, my gift for you!

If I run and fall, someday
Please come over, in your flight
When mum ticks me and she’s right
Protect me, that’s not my way!

English version by Dragoş Barbu
Braşov, July 5, 2016-07-08

About the author:

Toth Arpad (penname Artangel) is a prominent poet and prose author in contemporary Romania. He was born in Săcele, Braşov, where he finished his first grades then he moved to Covasna County where he will become, as a student, an award-winner in the poetry and Romanian language and literature competitions and olympics, at Păpăuţi and Târgu-Secuiesc.
His academic bakground includes two university degrees (Civil Law and Silviculture). He developed all his career serving as a ranger, at this time in the Comandău Ranger’s Office, Human Resources Department.
Married with children, Toth Arpad is also very active in the field of literature. He published more than a dozen of literary works and his poems were highly-praised by readers and critics. His most popular work is „Man’s Close Encounters With The Brown Bear” poetry book series.

About the translator:

Dragoş Barbu is an award-winning translator and author in contemporary Romania. He was born in Braşov. He has done a large number of translations and was awarded the „Best International Translator of the Year” (2008, 2011), prizes granted by Int’l Poetry Translation and Research Centre, Chongqing, China. As a prose author he was awarded Merit Prize (2014) from Naji Naaman Foundation. Dragoş Barbu is the member of International Literary Academy of the Italian-Australian Writers, Melbourne, Australia.

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