I do not crush... (Eu nu strivesc corola...) - Lucian Blaga
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I do not crush the earthly corolla of wonders
and with my mind
won't murder the encountered mysteries
along my way
in flowers, eyes, on lips or upon gravestones.
Some other people's light
strangles the magic of that impenetrable
hidden in depths of utter darkness,
but I,
I am increasing with my light the worldly mystique -
just as the moon does not, with her white beams alighting,
ever decrease, nay, trembling does she widen
more and ever so more the nightly secrets,
thus I with such wide shivers of most holy mysterium
enrich the darkened vistas too
and what's not understood
transforms into not understanding even more
under my eyes -
for I so love
flowers and eyes and lips and even gravestones.

Translator: Vasile Andreica

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