I do not crush the crown of this world's wonders - Lucian Blaga - Testament version - Lucian Blaga
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I do not crush the crown of this world’s wonders,
and do not kill
with my mind the mysteries which I encounter
on my way
in flowers, in eyes, on lips or just on tombstones.
Others’ bright light
extinguishes the spell of the obscure,
the enigmatic, hidden in the depths of darkness,
but me,
my light augments the world’s enigma –
just like the moon, with its white ray
which won't diminish, but quivering,
increases the night’s puzzle,
in the same way do I enrich the shadows of horizons
with wondrous awe of holy riddles
and all that’s undiscerned,
transforms itself in even larger un-discernments
under my gaze –
for I'm love
with flowers, with eyes, with lips, and all the tombstones.

(from the volume Testament - 400 de ani de poezie românească - 400 Years of Romanian Poetry - Daniel Ionita - editor and principal translator, assisted by Daniel Reynaud, Adriana Paul and Eva Foster - Minerva Publishing- 2019)

Translator: Daniel Ionita

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