Canticle (Cântare) - Tudor Arghezi
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In vain was I defending and I sneak out of battle
Under the white moon's shadow, as my tall spear is shattered.
I had put lands and waters, dams between you and me,
And now we everywhere seem side by side to be.
Upon all of the pathway I meet you ever waiting,
Unceasing silent escort, to all my needs attending.
From fountains you are scooping in palms for me the wave
Arisen from among stones and ages, voiceless, grave.
Your shirt you have unfastened, with breasts in hand you're quizzing
If from them or the fountain I choose my thirst's appeasing.
You took your mouth with my mouth bending towards the icing
Wishing to drink together with me its gleamy flashing.
Alike to thought and shadow in everything inwrought,
Light keeps you in its shining and earth has caused your growth.
In every sound your silence is heard in anything,
In tempests, into prayers, in steps and lutes that sing.
What I endure appears to be a pain you bear,
In everything that is born and perishes you're there,
So close to me, however apart from me for life,
Forever my betrothed, never to be my wife.

Translator: Vasile Andreica

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