Anamnesis - Marin Mihalache
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    duminică, 16 septembrie 2018

It has been a long time
Since we have left home
Island of light and darkness
Floating up in the heavens.

We traveled in a ferry-boat
We passed roaming
At edges of forest islands
Until dusk has caught up
With our shadows.

We plunged into the mystic
Oceans of azure and ether
We rode on forbidden gorges.

Sweet dreams, remembering
Like being children again
Soaring blissful rainbows
Glittering rivers of silver
Heated volcanoes smoking
From their red-hot pipes
On the top of mountains
Angels with glowing wings
Blizzards in the spring
Vortexes of gilt butterflies
In rays of sun entwined.

Early in the morning
After a night of dreaming
Of otherworldly visions
We have forgotten our way.

Out of the whirlwinds
And nobody knows anymore
How we can return home
There are not even clouds
In the midst of the ocean
To step back like on stones.

From volume “Homo Liturgicus”, 2018

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