The slot-man - Nichita Stănescu
Adăugat de: Lucia

Dedicated to Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Hegel

The slot-man has remote origins.
He comes from outside:
from the outside of leaves,
from the outside of the protecting light
and even
from the outside of itself.

It is created on coming.
Thus, he fills himself
with the misshapen images
shaggy from the borders hanging
of the existence,
or just
he scents the existence
and it is brought to birth letting himself
swallowed by it.

There is not known who eats who.
The slot-man throws pyramids big
of void upon deserts big.

He is approaching, approaching.
He meets the sphere and has got the sight of the air
and of feelings.
He eats a leaf
but he eats it from inside.
He is the outside belly
and the inside mouth with teeth.
There is not known who eats who.

The slot-man goes around the world
and he exists only as long as he knows
about the existence.

The souls of the dice
are the terrestrial atmosphere.
We breath their souls;
their souls thrust a finger
deep in our breath.

The slot-man dies
to know death.
He let himself breathed
and in his turn
he breaths
the animated and unanimated objects
as they would be air.

It cannot be known who eats who.
The history coagulates into solemn words;
the future is depicted itself to us under the way of a
pronounced by some mouths
much more perfect than ours.

The earth of “to be”
gets its air from the earth
of “not to be”.
There is not known who breathes who.

The slot-man comes and sees.
It cannot be known if between his eye
and the eye of things
it exists any space for sight.

The return of the slot-man is stuck
of the retina of the things.
They are seen together, suddenly,
one each other,
ones each others,
others each others.
There is not known who sees who.

There is not place for signs,
for directions.
Everything is stuck by everything.
The slot-man comes from outside,
he comes from over there
and even from further than over there
and even further from over there
he is.

Everything is stuck by everything,
the earth by the belly,
the breath by the breath
the retina by the retina.

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